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Welcome to JKL Care 

Learning Zone

JKL Care Learning Zone

We want you to receive the best possible training available to you. That is why we have put together links to training websites that enable you to go and learn new knowledge that will become vital to you in your role within the care industry.

SSSC Open Badges

To access the SSSC open badges click here and then go to create your account. 

After you have created your account you will then have to complete the badges listed below. Click on the badges below to be taken to the badge on the SSSC website:

Safe Medication One

Safe Medication Two

Safe Medication Three

Informed about Dementia

Palliative and end of life care awareness

Getting started with open badges 

Writing evidence for open badge application

Once each badge has been completed you will receive a certificate that you should copy and send to the office.

Health and Social Care Standards

Once these Badges are completed you must send the certificate to the office so it can be documented. 

Duty of Candour Training

It is mandatory that all JKL colleagues complete the Duty of Candour training. This is located here.

Once registered go onto ( Duty of candour ) (you must be registered for this to work) and complete the training. 

After completion please send the certificate to the office.

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